Starter Pack 5pc

  • Starter Pack 5pc
  • Starter Pack 5pc

Starter Pack 5pc

Cleaning has always left us wanting more as our surfaces do not remain as shiny and clean as they should, no matter how hard we try.  We use endless number of tissue rolls and cloths of different types, different techniques and everything possible so that our surfaces can remain clean and shine the way they should. With the starter pack, the process is so simple it makes one wonder.  The e-cloth Starter Pack comes with two products:

General purpose cloths: There are four such cloths in the pack that are made with fibers that are 1/200th the width of our hair. This gives them the ability to pick up the dust and grime that the normal cloths cannot pick up. What’s more, the dust picked up does not spread as the fibers catch it and hold it.
Glass and polishing cloth: This cloth is to be used after the cleaning is done. It makes sure that the water is dried and the surface looks clean and shiny without the drying water smudges or running streaks on it.
These cloths come with a guarantee to last at least 300 machine washes. They make sure that the surfaces are lint and smudge free and are not scratched or lose their shine due to heavy chemical cleaning. The fact that no chemicals are involved means a much healthier environment.

Healthy Cleaning comes naturally with e-cloth - General Purpose Cloths remove over 99% of bacteria with just water!

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